The Rise of the Alaskan Duck Fart as a Trendy Drink Option

When it comes to unique cocktails, few have a name as curious or memorable as the Alaskan Duck Fart. Originating from a bar in Anchorage, Alaska, this layered shot has managed to capture the hearts and palates of many, not just in its home state but across the nation. Its quirky name, coupled with a deliciously rich flavor profile, makes it a conversation starter and a must-try for adventurous drinkers and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Birth of a Quirky Cocktail

The Alaskan Duck Fart shot was born in 1987 at the Peanut Farm bar in Anchorage. Comprising Kahlúa coffee liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, each layer floats atop the next to create a visually appealing and tasty treat. This drink isn’t just about novelty; it’s a piece of Alaskan culture, served in bars across the state from the Fogcutter Bar in Haines to the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau.

The originality of the Duck Fart lies in its precise layering, requiring a steady hand and a bit of bartending skill to ensure each ingredient distinctly maintains its place. The result is a creamy, coffee-infused delight with a whiskey kick, representing the rugged, pioneering spirit of Alaska.

Tip: For an authentic experience, ensure to layer the ingredients carefully. The beauty of this shot lies in its stratification.

Despite its humorous name, the Alaskan Duck Fart shot holds a revered spot in the local drinking scene. It’s a testament to the creativity and sense of humor inherent in Alaskan bar culture. Beyond its original location, variations like the Eagle Fart and the flaming Grizzled Grizzly offer twists on the classic, showcasing the versatility and playful nature of this iconic drink.

A Drink With a Story

The name “Duck Fart” itself is a topic of amusement and speculation. Legend has it that the cocktail was named after a peculiar incident involving an elderly lady and the sound she made after enjoying the shot. This blend of humor and history adds layers of richness to the drink’s backstory, much like the layers of liqueur in the glass.

With its combination of sweet Kahlúa, creamy Bailey’s, and the smooth warmth of Crown Royal whiskey, the Duck Fart is a balanced shot that’s both potent and palatable. It’s a celebration in a glass, embodying the spirit of fun and camaraderie that marks the Alaskan bar scene.

Tip: Experiment with different brands of whiskey to find your perfect match for the top layer of the shot.

As it gains popularity beyond Alaska, the Duck Fart shot is becoming a symbol of Alaskan innovation in the cocktail world. Bars nationwide are beginning to introduce this peculiarly named but undeniably delicious concoction to their menus, inviting patrons everywhere to take a sip and share a laugh.

Bringing the Alaskan Wilderness to Your Home Bar

For those looking to recreate the Alaskan Duck Fart at home, the process is straightforward but demands attention to detail. The key is in the layering: start with Kahlúa, followed by Bailey’s, and topped with Crown Royal, carefully poured to maintain distinct layers.

While the original recipe is beloved, don’t be afraid to put your spin on it. Whether you’re substituting the whiskey or adding a flaming top for dramatic effect, the Duck Fart is a versatile base for experimentation.

Tip: Use the back of a spoon to gently pour each layer and achieve the perfect separation.

As the Alaskan Duck Fart continues its journey from a local oddity to a national treasure, it serves as a reminder of the joy and surprise that innovative cocktails can bring to our lives. Whether in a bustling bar in Anchorage or the comfort of your home, the Duck Fart is more than just a drink; it’s an experience, a story, and a piece of Alaskan heritage that continues to delight and inspire.

Alaskan Duck Fart Cocktail

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A layered shot that’s as fun to make as it is to drink, blending coffee liqueur, Irish cream, and Canadian whisky into a memorable sip.


  • 1/2 oz Kahlúa coffee liqueur

  • 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

  • 1/2 oz Crown Royal Canadian Whisky


  • Pour the Kahlúa into a shot glass, forming the first layer.
  • Gently layer the Bailey’s Irish Cream over the Kahlúa using the back of a spoon to prevent mixing.
  • Carefully float the Crown Royal Canadian Whisky on top to create the third layer.


  • Ensure ingredients are chilled before use to help maintain distinct layers.
  • Practice pouring slowly to perfect the layering technique.
  • Enjoy responsibly and savor the unique flavors of each layer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use different brands of coffee liqueur, Irish cream, or whisky?
A: Yes, while the original recipe calls for specific brands, feel free to experiment with others to suit your taste or availability.

Q: Is it difficult to layer the ingredients?
A: It may take a few tries to perfect, but using the back of a spoon and pouring slowly will help you achieve distinct layers.

Q: Can the Alaskan Duck Fart be made in larger quantities?
A: Yes, you can scale up the ingredients proportionally to make multiple shots at once, just maintain the layering technique.

Q: Is this cocktail served only in Alaska?
A: While it originated in Alaska, the Alaskan Duck Fart has gained popularity and can be found in bars and homes across the country.

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